Region : Imereti

Municipality : Kutaisi

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Kutaisi - one of the ancient and beautiful cities of Georgia is situated in a very attractive region - Imereti. The first settlements of the city appeared in the place, where the river Rioni’s deep and narrow valley turns into the plain. Kutaisi is among the world’s ancient cities. Ancient Greek mythology and historical sources ascribe it to the “Minoan Era” (XVII-XV centuries BC.).

Famous “Argonautica”, which tells us the stories of no less than 3300 years behind, is fully referred to the hegemonic city of Kutaisi.

From ancient times and in the feudal era Kutaisi intensively kept the status of the first city in Western Georgia (Kolkheti, Egrisi, Lazeti). In the VI century, as the capital of Egrisi - Kutaisi was the place of warfare for Persians and Byzantines. However, with the help of the Christian Byzantines Georgians have retrieved the town. Since VIII c. it was the capital of the united kingdom of Egrisi and Abkhazia. In the X c. the function of the city has increased and in the year of 978 the royal throne of the united Georgia was established in Kutaisi and Bagrat III was crowned as the King. As the symbol of United Georgia he has built the magnificent “Bagrati Cathedral”. Kutaisi was the capital of the united Georgia for 124 years.

In 1089 in Georgia begins the reigning era of David the Builder. In 1922 he released Tbilisi from foreign invaders and the royal throne was moved there. This is the period, where the history of Kutaisi as the capital of the united Georgia ends. During the reign of David the Builder, the unique architectural monument - “Gelati Monastery” was built near the town and the high educational School-Academy was established. Despite the loss of status of the first city, Kutaisi never lost its significant place in Georgian history, it is still cultural, educational and tourist center.




Davit Aghmashenebeli International Airport
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Davit Aghmashenebeli International Airport

Davit Aghmashenebeli International Airport is located in 14 km from Kutaisi and 200 km from Tbilisi.

Its advantage is the availability of preferential flights operated by the low-cost airline company Wizz Air.

Thanks to the favourable climatic conditions and infrastructure, Kutaisi airport has an emergency function - here it is possible to manage the flight under any weather and visibility.

The airport is equipped with high-quality navigation and meteorological systems and has a 2,500-meter runway. The airport can serve 600 passengers simultaneously.

Directions and flights from Kutaisi:

wizz air ge operates flights from Kutaisi International Airport to Milan, Barcelona, Berlin, Bucharest, Athens, Thessaloniki and many other European cities. For directions and prices see more information:

Parking services at the airport:

The parking space includes 124 parking lots, including special places for persons with disabilities.

Parking cost is 1 GEL/hour and 7 GEL in case of parking from 7 to 24 hours.


Kutaisi International Airport (Kopitnari settlement) 



You can travel from different cities of Georgia to Kutaisi International Airport by minibuses of the company “Georgian Bus”.

Transfer time by the minibus to the airport is adjusted to the schedule of flights.

Tickets can be booked online: 24/7 or Hotline: +995 555 397 387

The transfer of passengers from different cities to Kutaisi International Airport is also carried out by the company "OMNIBUS". You can find information about the schedule and travel cost on the web site:



Near the exit of the airport terminal building is the taxi parking of A2B / "Georgian Bus". Pre-booking of a taxi is possible on the "Georgian Bus" website:

The taxi ride from the airport to the centre of Kutaisi will cost you about 20 GEL.